Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of November Update

Hey friends and family,

I know this is long. Feel free to skip through it here and there.

Things in Montana
Things here in Montana have been very busy in studying and learning about God through the Bible. I've really grown deeper in my relationship with God through this time as I've come to understand who God is from Paul's perspective, through cultural and historical context. And of the early church who through persecution from their countrymen were learning to follow Christ within their cultures and contexts.

It's really been challenging. If there was one word I could use to describe my time here so far it's "deeper".

Who Would Come Here?
The range of ages doing this school is between 18-30. We've got people from South Korea, Ukraine, Nepal, Kosovo, UK, Canada, but most are from the States. Some have never been to college, others left in the middle of college, there are married couples. One guy is a mechanic, another is a musician, and another a missionary. Some don't even know how they got here because they've never been good with school and struggle with studying.

God is pouring into our lives and through us. We're all learning to live humbly with God, to serve one another and trust him. One guy said, "The last thing I was expecting to get out of this school was that my leg would grow out to the same length as my other leg." This happened instantly during a time of prayer for healing, and I saw it with my own eyes (yeah, I couldn't believe it). And with this we recognize and seek after the greatest way described by Paul in 1 Corinthians 13, and that is love.We're here to get deeper with God, to set aside all that we've been taught about him and learn who he is through our fathers who knew God and who God chose God above absolutely anything the world had to offer in terms of wisdom, greatness, wealth, popularity, etc. And who chose to write these documents that have been passed on and put together to make up the Bible.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all!!! I went to Washington for Thanksgiving with family, which was really amazing. On my way back to school here I realized that I oftentimes told my family that I was very thankful for this time in the School of Biblical Studies. I really am thankful for this time of study.

First Snow
We had our first snow a few weeks ago. It was amazing. There were probably over 20 people outside in a massive snowball fight tackling each other and whatnot. I haven't seen snow falling in nearly two years, so it was really exciting for me.

Hope this letter finds you well.


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